F. L. U. $. H (2017)

for a male actor/trumpet player, percussion on a toilet & a chorus of male speakers

Programs Notes

F. L. U. S, H was written for The Yacht Club’s first concert in the fall of 2017. As a group that focuses on theatrical presentations of music, I felt this would be a good time to experiment with performance art, humour and absurdity. F. L. U. S, H is a response to the current political climate in the United States that takes many of Donald Trump’s notorious quotes out of context. By placing them all in the same piece, with overlap and repetition, my intent is for the audience to absorb these phrases and reflect upon how very dangerous and violent these words can be. The piece has three separate characters: Donald Trump, the Toilet Player and The Wall. Donald is an absurdist and exaggerated version of the real life figure who leads and controls The Wall. The Wall is a chorus of male speakers representing Trump’s blind and dangerous following that surrounds him. The name for the character comes from Trump’s desire to build a wall on the border of Mexico, and as a comment to his followers being much like a protective wall for his problematic behaviour. The Toilet Player is a percussionist who represents the population of Americans who are angry with Trump’s presidency and feel that he is destroying the country. The Toilet Player however, much like America’s population, are virtually powerless in resisting Trump’s presidential decisions.

*contains some violent & explicit language